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Posted: July 13, 2014

Darby Creek Trail Run

The most pure trail experience In Columbus is back!  

Two Easy Race Options:

1) Register and Participate: Sign up as an individual runner/walker for the 5K or 10K


2) Register, then create a team or individual fundraising page!
  1. Make sure to first register for the run/walk  - Register! 
  2. Create a team or individual page on crowdrise (or join an existing team) 
  3. Inspire! Share your story, recruit team members, train, and use your run/walk to make an even greater impact on our cancer prevention mission.

‘HOW TO’ start a team

Event Info:

The 5K and 10K course options at Darby Creek Metro Park provide the perfect setting for enthusiasts to challenge themselves, inspire others to join our cancer prevention movement, and celebrate those that have battled cancer. We run to inspire!

for times, directions and more race details visit www.racepenguin.com

The team page offers you an interactive way to share your team or individual story. Why do you run? Who do you want to inspire? Why do you want to prevent cancer? Who do you want to fight cancer for? Share your story and INSPIRE!

Team prizes awarded¬†based on several¬†‚Äúmost inspiring‚Ä̬†categories. Our goal is to encourage you to inspire as many people as possible with your personal story and to have a lot of fun doing it!¬†(Here are a few categories: most team members; most inspiring team page; highest fundraisers; best team costume). Last year we gave away¬†over $3,000 in prizes,¬†including: vacation packages; new bike gift card; restaurant gift certificates; and sports tickets.

 Why FLIP?

When it comes to cancer, we‚Äôre all in it together.¬†And while we continue racing for a cure, unfortunately almost all of us will still have to watch a loved one fight the disease, and nearly half will face the ugly battle ourselves.¬†With odds like that, prevention is just too important to ignore.¬†That‚Äôs why we‚Äôre fighting every day to raise awareness, educate communities, inspire action and organize lifestyle changing events ‚Ästlike this!¬†‚Äď that can help more of us avoid this painful disease all together.¬†Most people don’t know that nearly 90% of cancer¬†is preventable.¬†

Prevention is powerful. But we need your help. Here’s your chance to make a big impact… the best thing you can do is to gather some friends and create a team! Train together. Share your stories to inspire others. Then make all that hard work count: go out to your neighbors, your co-workers, your family, your friends and ask for pledges to support you in the prevention race.

FLIP has already reached over 2,000 people in Columbus through pure work, sweat and volunteer time alone. But with your support, we’re building a team that is full-time dedicated to taking the cancer prevention message exponentially further. Your donations will help us:

1. Enhance our website to deliver valuable research and easy, actionable prevention tips 

2. Offer fun and active events to engage the local community in the FLIP movement 

3. Build prevention programs that will inspire action and help you measure results 

4. Launch viral campaigns to get the word out and educate even more people on what they can do to get ahead of cancer

Small changes can save lives. Together, we’ll change more. FLIP: fight, live, inspire, prevent!


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